Volunteer on Vacation ( Tourism for Peace )

It’s more independetly volunteering program through living in local community host’s home, taking part in family and community life. Local hosts welcome you into their homes, providing  activities that reflect  community life and local culture. Seinghseeing activities are included because in the same time you are also on vacation.

You are cordially invited to join the volunteering on vacation to form new freindships with interesting people and thereby help to promote peace through tourism (tourism for peace).

Volunteers work in a wide variety of sectors such us educatioon especially environmental education, foreign languages, Information Technology (internet, website), agriculture, buisness, etc. The program operates on the principle of partnership, recognising that both the volunteer and the host community can benefit from the exchange of skills and experiences. Join with us if…

* You like the challenge and excitement of new people, places and experiences

* You have a curiosity about the world and enjoy learning about cultures and ways of life

* You believe that friendships among people of different nations and cultures can make the world more peaceful