Sekretariat Pengembangan Kesehatan Lingkungan

Sekretariat Pengembangan Kesehatan Lingkungan
Secretariat of Environmental Health Development

SPKL Is a Non – Profit  Organisation that was established in 1993. It works for the establisment of self-support health development , environmental education and empowering people to support the environment sutainable development.

SPKL aims to empower the marginal community, encreasing their awareness and knowledge to access the self-support of environmental health development.


SPKL has some plans to do in order to gain its goal:

  1. Conducting environmental education amongs students and local community.
  2. Conducting acupressure message trainning in group or individully.
  3. Conducting reproduction health education for woman,
  4. Health case assistance for the poor people,
  5. Publishing environmental healts magazine.
  6. Community assistance.


For more information, contact:

Jl. Tribrata II No.11, Dopang, Gunungsari, Lombok Barat
Tel: +62-370-6162947