Marine Research and Ecotourism Packages


Research Diving.

Researchers in oceanography and marine biology create scuba diving jobs to assist them in collecting data. This type of diver might have additional schooling that allows them to identify and collect species, make detailed habitat observations, measure current and temperature, etc. In marine science, field workers might study endangered tortoises, fish, or coral populations. In environmental science, they can work to protect ocean ecology or better understand global warming.

 There aren’t really any jobs dedicated to just conducting underwater research. Individuals working in marine science fields use their diving training to help them in their research and go further in their ability to collect data.

Work activities

  • Taking pictures underwater
  • Collecting species and specimens’ underwater
  • Recording data based on observations underwater
  • Measuring elements underwater
  • Collect data for the purpose of conservation
  • Performing tests in labs using the data collected
  • Recording and deciphering test data

The establishment of the above  individuals will be able to get by following  the activities with JARI Foundation, the local NGO in Lombok – Indonesia. This activity will be done in the northern coast of Sumbawa Island start from Saleh Bay to northern coast of the island of Lombok. The research activity is intended for anyone who is interested in doing it, packaged in the form of ecotourism that will often connected with some local fisherman communities and stays in small islands in the area. There are some wooden boat ready to take you in a small group (maximum of 10) to explore the area with a various duration of time.