JARI Foundation



Name                    : J A R I  Foundation

                                 The word JARI is an abbrevation for Juang Laut Lestari,

                                 means Strugling for Marine Conservation.

Address              : Jl. Pariwisata No. 9 (ex. Jl. Banteng ), Mataram – 83121,

                                Lombok – INDONESIA

Phone                  : 62-370-636040

Fax                        : 62-370-633972

E-mail                   : iboenhaq@gmai.com

Website               : www.rinjanist.com/jari

Established        : 1992 in Mataram


8 members with qualification

  • 1 member holds Master Degree in Coastal Management,
  • 1 member holds Master Degree in Soil Science
  • 1 member holds Master Degree in Environmental Education
  • 2 members hold Bachelor Degree in Marine Science
  • 1 member holds Bachelor Degree in Law
  • 1 member holds Bachelor Degree in Tourism
  • 1 member is Diving Master Instructor

All members are Certify divers and have been join any Training in Indonesia and abroad, such:

  • Coral reef Condition Monitoring Training
  • Ecotourism Management Training
  • Environment Education training
  • Manta Tow Technique Training
  • Surf Live Saver Training

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  • Carry out activities in marine research and others environment for developing natural resources.
  • Carry out some research in ecotourism development (marine and land).
  • Strive for relationship with government, NGOs, private agencies and education institution.
  • Developing Coastal and Marine Environmental Education Center for student and anybody who interested.


Jari foundation began from initiative of some student with same hobby and than named themselves Rinjani Diving Club at the year of 1984. Some of them had the same interest and consideration for marine and coastal conservation and then they agreed to develop Yayasan Rinjani Bahari at 1992. The word ‘Rinjani’ was imprinted a limitation to specific area than changed and renewed to Yayasan Jari (Jari Foundation) at 1997, that give an unlimited ocean concept.