Rinjanist EcoAdventure Services

“Just for Adventurous People Care for Nature”

Welcome to our website “Rinjanist EcoAdventure Services”. The first of all, we would like to explain about the name of our website www.rinjanist.com.

Mountaineering is often called Alpinism, especially in European languages, which implies climbing with difficulty such high mountains as the Alps. The word Alpinism was born in the 19th century.

The noun of the word Alpinism is Alpinist that means mountaineer who climbs is high mountain, especially the Alps mountain areas.

Now, in the 21st century, as a form of honor to Rinjani Mountain as well Icon of Lombok Island as the green world heritage, we created the word Rinjanism that means activities such as mountaineering, trekking, ecotourism and adventure trips, especially in the Rinjani Mountain area. And who have knowledge and great skill (expert) about Rinjani Mountain is called Rinjanist.

For our team and community that have knowledge about ecology of Rinjani Mountain with such great skill (expert) and care to protect biodiversity and environmental conservation call-named an Ecorinjanist.rinanis

About Us

“Rinjanist EcoAdventure Services” with motto “Just for Adventurous People Care for Nature” is brand name of Wanasatrya Wisata Tour and Travel (CV. Wanasatrya Wisata), the Lombok based tour operator manages and serves the ecotourism and adventure tours.

CV. Wanastrya Wisata is founded in 2001 by a few mountaineers with the same interest about adventure activities and the same perspective that development of Indonesian tourism should be directed to the concept of sustainable tourism by making ecotourism as its philosophy.

Wanasatrya Wisata as a company is committed to preserving the natural environment within which we operate our ecotourism and adventure services.

To offer exciting, ecotourism and adventure tours that enrich our guest’s appreciation of nature, environment and local culture while commited to the goal of sustainable tourism.

We participate actively in a wide range of environmental awareness initiatives and increasing the local community prosperity, also involved with the local people.

All of these reasons, as well just because we live in Sembalun Village, on park boundaries as local community it’s our responsibility to make a better enviroment as future heritage of our children.